Why I Love Breaking Social Norms (Post 39)

Plenty of Debbie Downers out there will argue that all pranks are horrible. I’m entitled to my opinion on pranks too, and I’d like to make the case that they can be uplifting and valuable to society.


How to Be a Smart Soccer Player And Win At Life, Too (Post 38)

You know those times when someone says exactly what you needed to hear? Last week, the advice that man gave me was striking. I knew right away that I needed to hear those words and mull them around for awhile. The advice was meant to help with soccer but rung true to life in general.

Mapping Out Motivation: How To Draw A Healthy Lifestyle Map (Post 37)

How do you find the motivation to live a healthy life? Great question. I don’t have a step-by-step guide for you to follow. My guess is that your life is probably pretty different from mine. What motivates me is going to be different from what drives you. We all have unique challenges, life situations and…

We Just Met, But I’ve Already Fallen in Love with Inbound Marketing (Post 36)

Advertising has earned a bad reputation after years of forcing itself upon unsuspecting victims. It has interrupted your daily life through cheesy TV and radio commercials, cold calls, obnoxious billboards, door-to-door salesmen, walls cluttered with fliers, and online pop-up ads. Marketers would do anything and everything to steal your attention. I used to imagine marketers…

From Death to Flight: The True Story of a Stunned Bird (Post 34)

As I sit at home looking for the next awesome job opportunity, I’m responsible for saving all the birds that stun themselves by flying into the windows. My family’s pets are hunters and quick to capitalize on tasty opportunities. This morning a sparrow took a hard hit to the window I was sitting next to. The…

How To Be Less Grumpy (Post 33)

Grumpiness is self-perpetuating. If you allow the cycle to run it’s course, it will continue to add to the destruction and make it even harder to resurface from the depression and anger. You are not inherently grumpy. It is possible to recover from a negative lifestyle.

When Writer’s Block Gets the Best of You (Post 32)

I love buying new journals. I love finding pens that make writing feel smooth and powerful. I love cracking a notebook open to the very last page and wondering what words Future Me will write on it. I hate flipping to the first page of that new book. I’m afraid of screwing it up from…